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You know the drill! Any OOC concerns, concrit, or compliments about how I play Maeve goes here. Anon is enabled and comments are screened.
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This one is more complex and will be related to Maeve's personality reading power. Ever feel like breaking your character's personality down on a points system D&D style? Now you'll get the chance! Check back in here for the copy and paste list of traits to fill out as soon as I get the chance to make it!
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Couple of things to go here!

First off, Maeve has the power of Narrative Rewriting. With this ability, she can speak a simple sentence or two which has the potential to change a target's course of action for a short time. For example, if she were to say: 'John Doe picked up the book and handed it to Maeve before going happily on his way,' her target would do just that. It can also affect emotional behavior. So if she were to say: 'John Doe looked at Maeve and found her to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen,' John Doe might be very temporarily smitten.

This power is based off of a character's willpower. If they have no willpower, then they would find themselves complying without question. A stronger willpower might find them physically obeying what Maeve says, but mentally fighting against it. And an even stronger willpower than that would have her words fall on deaf ears. So really, it's entirely up to you how you would want your character affected/if you would want them affected at all. She's unlikely to use this on imPorts unless in a dire situation, and I'd always ask first if she does! But if you'd like to opt out of it entirely, this is the place!

Also, since Westworld is a very new canon, if you would like to opt out of interactions with Maeve or you would rather I keep spoilers to a minimum, please let me know! I recommend watching this series ASAP because it is amazing and definitely well worth it.

At any rate, that's it for here. Comments are screened!


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"You've reached Maeve Millay. In your message, do be sure to let me know whether this is business or pleasure."



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